The Faculty of Political, Administrative and Communication Sciences (FSPAC)

The FSPAC offers undergraduate and graduate study programs in Romanian, Hungarian and English languages, in the domains of Public Administration, Journalism, Public Relations and Communication, Leadership, Advertising, Political Science and Public Health. Since 1995, the Faculty has been continuously developing in terms of education and research programs, infrastructure, quality of education and extracurricular activities. The teaching staff is mainly composed of a young team, trained within FSPAC and further specialized at prestigious universities in Europe and the United States.

Faculty of Sociology and Social Work (FSAS)

The FSAS provides undergraduate and graduate programs in Sociology, Anthropology, Human resources and Social Work, in both Romanian and Hungarian languages, and doctoral studies within the framework of the Doctoral School in Sociology. Alongside a Department of Sociology and a Department of Social Work, there is a Department of Sociology and Social Work in Hungarian, which organizes its own undergraduate programs, and specialized master’s programs. Their research and work with students is related to local and global concerns, in particular urban processes, re-organization of labor in the context of a global periphery, poverty and social inequality, inter-ethnic relations, international migration and nationalism, religion, cultural consumption.

The Romanian Institute for Research on National Minorities (RIRNM)

The RIRNM is a research institute established in 2007, operating under the authority of Secretariat-General of Romania’s Government. It conducts a wide range of inter- and multidisciplinary studies and research projects, focusing on the social, historical, cultural, linguistic, political and other aspects of Romania’s national minorities and other ethnic communities. The Institute has also participated in numerous international partnerships.  

Organising committee

Tamás Kiss

sociologist, researcher at RIRNM

Irina Culic

sociologist, professor at FSAS

Gabriel Bādescu

political scientist, professor at FSPAC

István Horváth

sociologist, president of RIRNM, professor at FSAS

Salat Levente

political scientist, professor at FSPAC